"Tribal Machine is clearly a deeply personal, heartfelt expression, informed by a global analysis, combined with a mastery of musical genres. It's unlike anything I've ever heard. Some musical influences are evident, and duly credited, but the synthesis of elements is what's unique and fascinating."
                                                                                            - Mark Achbar, The Corporation, Manufacturing Dissent

"Easily one of the most ambitious, thought-provoking rock acts I've listened to in a long time. The Orwellian Night is an epic concept album, proving that Tribal Machine is doing nothing but getting better and more addictive to the musical ears."

                                                                                              - Patrick Blennerhassett, author and journalist

Sever Bronny formed the industrial-rock band Tribal Machine in the late 1990’s on a foundation of drum machines, synthesizers, guitars and early digital work stations. Originating in London, Ontario, the band is currently based out of Victoria, British Columbia where it has been augmented by the addition of Aslan on bass [formerly of The Birthday Massacre], Brian Hartlen on guitar, and Dustin Flemming on drums. The band is currently preparing to release its third record, The Orwellian Night, a concept album that has taken nearly four years to complete.

Each album in Tribal Machine's arsenal is subtitled as a “chapter”, and Bronny's goal is to produce 10 chapters. The first chapter, The Awakening of the Animal, was released in late 2002 and promptly sold out. It is currently scheduled to be re-mastered and re-released in late 2010. The second chapter, Soldiers in a War of the Mind, was released in 2006. It introduced tracks like Black Fly and Sand of History, the latter being featured in the 2008 biopunk movie The Gene Generation alongside established industrial acts Combichrist and VNV Nation.

The third chapter, The Orwellian Night, is a 16-song concept album broken into four acts. The album tells the story of regular people living in a dystopian future where Big Government has been replaced by Big Business, and where people are forced to pledge allegiance to The Corporation. It's an ominously dark world captured in songs like Across the Land and Eye Spy, where hypnotic marching drum lines match blistering, venomous vocals. The album’s title pays homage to the late writer George Orwell, who authored the classics Animal Farm and 1984. As Bronny puts it:

"Orwell’s work was a key inspiration behind this album. His depiction of a society controlled by all-powerful Big Brother really struck a chord with me. I also wanted to capture an element of madness, which Joel Bakan talked about in his book The Corporation. Joel psychologically analyzed the corporate entity and concluded that it is psychopathic in nature."

Mastered by Tom Baker (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, The Matrix), the physical hardcopy CD is available exclusively from tribalmachine.com

The digital version is available from iTunes and a host of other digital distribution sources.